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Zebra Blinds Vancouver

Blinds made by sheer fabrics creating a zebra-like pattern, which is how it is named. The zebra texture allows house owners to create different brightness environment with its sunlight. When double crossing the strips (with its front and back shaded blinds), it allows some strips to be transparent, while the other strips becomes solid. This method would allow sunlight to shine through but yet not too bright. On the other hand, when the horizontal strips does not cross, with its front and back shaded blinds, it would block out the sunlight entirely. This creates a cozy environment, being bright but without any sunlights.


    However, we stand by the assertion that zebra window shades are an excellent choice because they’re affordable, stylish, and modern. We also offer completely customizable options so that you can guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want.

Lara Bella

Zebra Window Blinds

Features of Zebra Blinds

Our zebra window coverings are completely customizable to fit your budget and match the decor of your home. Here are some of the discerning features that zebra blinds offer:

Hassle-Free Operations: Whether you choose a sleek and modern cordless mechanical function or a more traditional design with a cord, operating your zebra blinds is a breeze!

Easy to Clean: Zebra blinds come in an assortment of fabrics that are dust, dirt, and water-resistant and very easy to clean. Simply run over them with a vacuum cleaner, gently wipe them with a damp cloth, or use a duster as needed.

Modern Look for a Modern Life: Zebra blinds are also extremely versatile. Regardless of the style of your home, you’re sure to find or design the right customized zebra blinds to match your décor. Most people these days prefer a modern and chic style. If that’s what you’re interested in, then zebra window shades are a great choice. They match both the interior and exterior of pretty much any home.

Multifunctional Designs: Zebra blinds are also available in a variety of design options. For homes with small children and pets, we highly recommend installing cordless blinds. With these, you have two options. You can either manually open and close them with your hands or use a remote control that allows you to operate them from anywhere in the house. Corded blinds are also an option if you prefer a more traditional look and functionality.


Why Purchase Window Zebra Blinds from Lara Bella?

Lara Bella is proud to offer custom, high-quality blinds that are skillfully crafted in Europe and shipped right to your door. We also offer an extensive five-year warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects, malfunctioning internal mechanisms, fabric delamination, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to schedule a consultation with one of our window dressing experts!


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