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7 September 2021 0 Comments

What are the Curtain Types? Here are the Curtain Models of 2021

You will get to know the curtain models better and make your choice much easier when buying a new curtain in our content titled What are the curtain types or what are the curtain models we have prepared for our visitors who search the Internet. When it comes to choosing between the right curtain types for your living spaces and the curtain models suitable for your taste and room, there are many fabric options, surfaces, colors and curtain types. Choosing the right curtains among almost thousands of curtains can be very difficult. Curtain models are usually not cheap, so if you don’t choose a good curtain, it would be a good idea not to be in a hurry to choose the most suitable curtain for your room, as it can be quite expensive to buy new curtains again. So, what are the types of curtains? Here are the details…


What are the Curtain Types? 2021 Curtain Models

Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains give a very special look and their deep folds stand out along the length of the curtains. Box shapes create a formal, pleated look and are lined up side by side. It is among the most ideal curtain models for more formal rooms such as living room, dining or study room.

Double Breasted Curtain Models

It looks better on large windows. It should be applied proportionally to the glasses in order not to disturb the symmetry. E.g; such as wall 50 cm, glass 250 cm, wall 50 cm. Double-breasted curtains are useful curtains. They can be adapted to the model you want. If you want, you can lower it down to become a flat curtain, or you can pull it up and use it as a shaped curtain. It looks better in scenic areas and areas with American glass.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are among the most preferred curtain models. It is often used with tulle curtains. Roller blinds attached under tulle curtains look more neat. Especially in 3-winged windows, having a single middle leg means that the curtain shows itself better. If there are curtains with two middle legs, more space will occur.

Blackout Roller Blinds

If you do not want the sun to enter your home, you can choose blackout roller blinds in places and bedrooms that receive a lot of sun. Blackout roller blinds protect your furniture, do not reveal your shadow from the inside, add a dim atmosphere and are an ideal curtain for sleep.

What are Zebra Curtain Models and Zebra Curtain Types?

When used in small spaces, it gives a feeling of spaciousness. Zebra curtain types are generally preferred in places such as living rooms, kitchens, children’s rooms. Zebra curtains can be used as tulle when desired, and for daily use when desired. The way of washing the zebra blind is the same as the roller blind. However, since it is a whole piece with the Zebra case, it is taken out together. You can easily remove it by pressing it from the apparatus.

Briz Curtain

It is generally used on windows in front of sinks or on windows or doors close to stoves. It is installed as a single rod or as two rods. Cleaning is also very simple.

Vertical Curtain Models

Vertical curtains are generally used in workplaces and offices. It moves right, left or in one direction. At the same time, they are among the most preferred types of curtains because they have a wipeable feature.

Blinds Curtain Models

What are the types of jalousie curtains? jalousie curtain models are used in offices and homes. There are also PVC and wooden blinds curtain models. It is a simple curtain type to use. It can be adjusted to the desired shape and can be cleaned by wiping.

Screen Curtain

It is often used in offices. It cuts the heat of the sun and gives its light inside. You can easily see the outside without blocking the window.

Pleat Curtain

Glass is preferred on balconies. It can be collected above, below and in the middle. silhouette curtain It can be used as both tulle and sunshade. It is generally preferred to be used in offices. It can also be digitally printed on.

Dual System

It is a combination of two separate curtains in a single safe. It has tulle roller blinds on the top and roller blinds on the bottom.

Blackout Sunshade

It has the same features as blackout zebra blinds. It is used by attaching to the cornice as it does not let the sun and light in. Follow Larabella on Instagram for 2021 curtain models and attractive discount opportunities!

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