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Vertical Blinds

If you’re looking to revamp the entire look and feel of your home, all it takes is a few simple changes to achieve the aesthetic you’re going for. Adding vertical blinds is a great place to start! Perfect for tall and wide set windows that let in a lot of natural light, vertical blinds in Calgary are very easy to find. It’s finding top-quality blinds made from high-end materials that’ll last you for many years that is challenging. Lara Bella is one of Calgary’s finest window treatment companies in Canada. Let us help you beautify and revitalize the interior decor of your home.


    Our product range includes real wood and faux wood, Venetian, horizontal and vertical, as well as fabric and hi-tech motorized blinds.

Lara Bella

Vertical Blinds


When it comes to helping you select the perfect window dressings for your home, we take a one-room-at-a-time approach. Each room and each window has different things to bring to the table. Depending on the location, size, and shape of each window in your house, natural lighting and temperature control may vary. That’s why we always recommend consulting one of our window treatment experts for advice before making your final decision.

After all, choosing new window coverings for your home is a big commitment. With that in mind, here are a few key factors you should take into consideration before making any decisions.

Dimensions of Each Window in Your House: As mentioned, not every window is created equally. Some are larger or differently shaped depending on their function and location in your home. For that reason, it’s important to carefully and accurately measure the length and width of each window throughout your home to make sure that the vertical blinds are made in the appropriate size.

Opening and Closing Mechanisms of Your Windows: Just like windows come in all shapes and sizes, so do their opening and closing mechanisms. The opening and closing mechanism of your windows dictate how you can control the movement of the glass pane and the direction in which they move. Essentially, they’re hinges for windows. In order to choose, the right window dressings for your windowpanes, you need to specify to the designer whether you have casement windows, awning windows, sliding doors, skylight windows, etc. You’ll also have to include the shape of the window in your description. Are they oval shaped, rounded at the top like an archway, or completely rectangular? These are all factors that’ll determine the types of window dressing recommendations we make.

Vertical blinds, for instance, are usually better suited for large glass sliding doors or rectangular windows because the slats hang low.

Advantages of Choosing Vertical Blinds for Your Home

At Lara Bella, we pride ourselves on offering premium and custom made-to-order products. All of our products are constructed and shipped from Europe by professionally trained designers and manufacturers. In addition to offering a comprehensive five-year warranty on all of our materials and products, we also provide complimentary consultations to all of our customers. To learn more about our products, or book your free consultation with one of our window treatment experts,

  • Vertical blinds are modern and timeless decorative pieces
  • They’re attractive and affordable
  • They offer year-round temperature and lighting control
  • They’re durable, making them extremely easy to clean and maintain

Lara Bella’s Custom Window Coverings in Vancouver

Lara Bella is one of Calgary’s leading window treatment companies. For many years, we’ve been creating custom-designed window treatments for clients all throughout this wonderful city. All of our custom window treatments are manufactured in Europe using only high-end materials and shipped directly to our happy customers. Book your free consultation with one of our window treatment specialists today to learn more about how we can help you beautify your home!


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