Choosing the Right Curtain Fabric 2022

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13 October 2021 0 Comments

Choosing the Right Curtain Fabric

Curtains can be made from any fabric imaginable, but some fabrics are more suitable for living rooms than others. Additionally, heavy fabrics help insulate any room, so they work better in cold climates. Similarly, light fabrics should be preferred for those living in hot climates. Let me examine some fabric types in detail below.
  • Silk – Silk curtains are classic and traditional. Silk, which is a quality fabric, may allow some light to pass through, but it is generally successful in light and heat insulation. It is an expensive curtain choice due to its silk quality.
  • Cotton – Cotton is probably the most useful curtain fabric (and easiest to clean). Cotton curtains are available in imaginable colors and styles and can be formal or casual depending on the style. But it tends to be a little stiffer than other fabrics.
  • Linen – Linen is light and usually transparent. Therefore, it can be preferred for comfortable and modern rooms.
  • Velvet – Velvet has a luxurious look and is a heavy and thick fabric. It might be overkill for modern and simple living rooms. It is generally used in background curtains and is more suitable for living rooms furnished in a classical style. Like silk, velvet is an expensive fabric.
  • Tulle – Tulle is great if you want something that lets light through, but they don’t offer much in terms of privacy. For this reason, tulle curtains are used together with sunshades.
  • Polyester – Polyester fabric is generally used in roller blinds. It is cheaper than other fabrics and offers many features. In addition, they do not wrinkle much and do not hold dirt.


Prints and Molds

Patterned curtains go well with solid-colored furniture or bedding. If you do not have a color pattern suitable for the room in your home and the same color tone prevails everywhere, patterned curtains will be an ideal choice. You can also choose leaf-printed, floral, pink and sheer curtains. If you want to prevent light from entering your room or reduce unwanted street noises, you can choose blackout curtains. These curtains are made of heavy polyester and provide insulation against light and noise pollution. Prints and Molds

Long Lasting Fabrics

Most fabrics are prone to some sun rot. However, there are some fabrics that are more durable than others and do not deteriorate as quickly as their counterparts. Therefore, you should be sure to choose curtains based on the strength of their materials. Faux silk fabric is least prone to sun damage. Other fabrics like linen, velvet, and silk also tend to be more durable, especially in a sunny room. You can also choose a fabric according to the room type. For example, in a formal space, heavy silk or velvet; in a comfortable setting, crumpled velvet and wavy linen will be appropriate. Also, you can choose machine-friendly curtains when choosing the fabric. It will save you the trouble of changing a curtain every time it is washed improperly.

Curtain Size

Size definitely matters when it comes to living room curtains. It must be at least twice the window. The length also makes a big difference. They can be piled on the floor for a sleek look, or they can be shorter for a more modern and clean look. However, it should not be overdone in short models. When curtains are too short, they may appear cut or the wall blank.

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